Steven Seagal Accused of More Gross Stuff


A couple of weeks after a lawsuit surfaced accusing Steven Seagal of sexually harassing a former "assistant," an actress who worked with him twenty years ago has come forward with more nasty allegations about the former Lawman. The unnamed actress, who appeared with Seagal in the 1991 movie Out for Justice, says that she was only hired after Seagal burst in on her while she was changing and saw her boobs. Later, she says, he called her and asked her to "perform a sex act on him." Naturally, she declined. "Days later," she says, "I was fired."

The actress is also accusing Seagal of using beepers to summon other actresses to his hotel room where they would, we assume, run lines together. Seagal's lawyer and publicist both called the claims false and took a vague guess as to whom this actress might be. "I suspect she is a resentful onetime actress who has not become a major star."

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