The Comeback Is Complete: Mickey Rourke Has His Own Action Figure Now


Last year, many moviegoers who became personally invested in the Mickey Rourke Comeback Story may have felt a bit slighted when Sean Penn beat Rourke out for the Oscar. Good news, then: Rourke now has a miniature-person statuette to call his own. Hot Toys is releasing the official Limited Edition Collectible Figurines from Iron Man 2, including one for Rourke’s crazed Russian villain character, Whiplash. We really have to hand it to Hot Toys, as this thing is scarily lifelike, featuring detailed tattoos, facial hair, and wrinkles. It also comes with a brown jumpsuit to dress little Rourke up in, as well as a pair of backup interchangeable palms ... and it can be yours for the low, low price of $179.99! More important: Is there any better way to tell a former promising actor turned cautionary tale that he is improbably relevant again, other than giving him his own awesome action figure?

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