The Last Airbender Trailer: Not Mind-bending


If you find gravely intoned lines like "There are reasons each of us is born. We have to find those reasons" inspiring, as opposed to sort of awkward and wordy, you might like the new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's epic The Last Airbender. Otherwise, this trailer just demonstrates how spoiled we've been by monster explosions: Sorry, there is no ice-based special effect that is going to blow minds, however many man hours it took to generate it in CGI. Said underwhelming ice-effects are performed by the title character, a little boy with face tattoos (they're having a moment!), who is the last person alive who can manipulate the four elements. He has to help save the pre-technological ice people from the rampaging "Fire Nation" (led by Slumdog Millionare's Dev Patel) while listening to really foreboding music. Wish this one had a twist ending.