Rapper Sam Adams Not As Good As Sam Adams the Beer, Sam Adams the Revolutionist


A few weeks ago the obscure Boston rapper Sam Adams — a 22-year-old Asher Roth knockoff who is the captain of the soccer team at Trinity — got some national press when his debut EP hit No. 1 on iTunes' hip-hop digital-album charts and accusations surfaced that he had doctored the numbers by purchasing the bulk of the sales himself. Billboard debunked the charges, but it was too late: The publicity from the nontroversy — the EP sold a completely ignorable 8,000 copies and topped some random chart nobody ever brings up, for goodness sake — was just barely enough to nudge Sam Adams into the sphere of our general awareness. Now, we fear, he may be coming to yours. Why all the severity? Because the video for his single “Drive Me Crazy” was just released, and, well … Look, we truly believe we’re open-minded enough to give even rap music made by the captain of the soccer team at Trinity a fair shake, so know it is without any inherent bias that we declare this absolutely putrid.