Hello From Your New Vulture Blogger


Hello! It's nearly the end of my first day and I rudely have yet to do what people are supposed to do at the beginning of their first day: introduce themselves. Let me fix that. I'm Willa Paskin, and I'm the new blogger here at Vulture. I'm more psyched than Bill and Ted, more tickled than Elmo, more jazzed than Charlie Parker, more pumped than Christian Slater — and, obviously, more prone to tortured turns of pop-culture phrase than Entertainment Tonight — to be joining the crack team of experts here. Before joining Vulture I worked at Radar, BlackBook, Double X, and Variety, and before any of that, read books, listened to music, hoovered up movies, and watched lots and lots and lots of TV (including this and this and this). I'm looking forward to blogging for you. Let's have some fun.