Tom Cruise Doesn’t Need the Church of Scientology to Help Him Pick Out Maids


Amy Scobee, a former Church of Scientology insider, is publishing the book Scientology: Abuse at the Top next month, and Tom Cruise’s fantastically named lawyer Bertram Fields has already sent her a letter threatening a lawsuit thanks to some allegations toward his client. And the allegations are: Cruise's household staff is selected by Scientology; that a Scientologist handling Cruise’s money was once punished within the religion for bad business decisions; the Church pushed Cruise to divorce Nicole Kidman; and Cruise once admitted a “drug history.” To that last one, Fields responds “Mr. Cruise has no ‘drug history’ whatsoever. He has never used illegal drugs of any kind.” That sounds like a bit much: The Hollywood superstar has never dabbled in any kind of recreational-drug use? Not even once, a long time ago? Like, maybe at the Risky Business wrap party or something? [Gawker]