Unthinkable Trailer: Samuel L. Jackson Embraces Torture


What if Michael Sheen planted three bombs in secret spots around the country? And then, what if Samuel L. Jackson was called in to find out where the bombs are? That's the premise of Unthinkable, a 24-ish action-thriller that will make you feel like it's 2009, when the country was caught up in an unending debate over waterboarding. By the anger in Jackson's face, though, we're guessing waterboarding is going to be among the more enjoyable techniques he employs.

It's kind of hard to tell where this movie falls on the ideological line. On one hand, Jackson almost seems like the villain here. On the other there's this exchange:

Lady: "The suspect is being tortured. This is unconstitutional!"

Guy: "If those bomb go off, there will be no Constitution!"