Which of the Three Upcoming Projects Called Friends With Benefits Should Be Allowed to Survive?


Deadline's Mike Fleming reports today that Justin Timberlake is in final negotiations to star in Friends With Benefits, a romantic comedy about a guy and girl who enter into no-strings sex with predictable complications — not to be confused with Friends With Benefits, the upcoming Ivan Reitman–directed romantic comedy starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as friends who have no-strings sex and fall for one another, or Friends With Benefits, the recently greenlit NBC comedy series about five sex-having, but uncommitted friends. Since only one project called Friends With Benefits about friends with benefits can possibly be permitted to exist, which one should it be? Obviously not the Timberlake one (because of his acting), but which of the other two sounds less like a stinker to you? NBC's track record for comedy is better than Ashton Kutcher's, so we're voting for the sitcom.

Justin Timberlake Gets Between Sheets On Comedy In Menage A Trois Title Battle [Deadline]