World’s Nicest Comedian Wins Lead Role in Will Ferrell’s New Comedy Central Show


This is about the best example of instant (good) karma in Hollywood we've ever heard: Last week brought the slightly perplexing news that Jon Heder dropped out as the lead in the still-untitled Will Ferrell and Adam McKay–produced Comedy Central pilot starring Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell over "creative differences." Today comedy-nerd site the Comic's Comic reports that Heder has been replaced by the popular UCB comedian Chris Gethard, who apparently started work on the show today. You might remember Gethard as the comedian who organized an entire weekend based on making one 19-year-old comedy fan named Fesh's wildest dreams come true a few weeks ago. Those who found themselves teary-eyed at that story will be feeling slightly better about the world today.

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