Attention: There Are Now Three Places Where You Can See Adam Scott Being Funny


Have you not gotten your fill of Adam Scott from Party Down’s currently airing second season or the last two episodes of Parks and Recreation? Good news, then: Scott is also starring in ESPN Sunday Night Baseball’s new television spots, playing a guy who has pro-baseball players over to his house to watch games. They’re really funny! We’re not sure who over at ESPN thought, “You know who’d be great at pretending to hang out with Prince Fielder and Clay Bucholz? The guy from Party Down!” but we are glad it’s happened. Especially for this latest one, featuring Torii Hunter, Mike Scioscia, and Scott, making the greatest fake chewing noise we’ve ever heard. (By the way, pop-culture nerds: These are all professional athletes and managers who have never released hilarious musical projects, tried to act, or had their press conference rants Auto-Tuned on YouTube, so you don’t really need to know who they are.) Adam Scott! Making even corporate sponsorship hilarious.