B-Movies For Sale at Cannes!


Cannes is not all tuxedoed paparazzi on mopeds, or gray-haired auteurs like Mike Leigh, Woody Allen, and Manoel de Oliveira. There’s also a massive B-movie market taking place just behind all those fancy red-carpet screening rooms. Pick up any industry paper here, and you see literally hundreds and hundreds of films advertised — most of which will go straight to DVD or thrive as local cult hits (if they make it that far). Below, a few of the fun titles that caught our eye.

The Christmas Clause (Tagline: “Be careful what you wish for!”)
Big Tits Zombie 3-D
Naked Soldier
Boogie (Tagline: “Sexist, Violent, and Sadistic.”)
Space Dogs in 3-D
Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido (Logline: “An Italian immigrant is
thrust into the world of drug-lords, supercards, and secret agents.”)
The Perfect Host (Tagline: “Make sure he doesn’t serve you for dinner”)
Foeksia (Tagline: “Fuscia the Mini Witch”)
Mutant Girls Squad (Tagline: “Mutants Only!”)
Reindeer Spotting: Escape from Santaland (Tagline: “Trainspotting in
Santa Land.”)