Beyoncé’s ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ Video: Housewife Gone Mad


In the video for the bonus track off I Am ... Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé becomes B.B. Homemaker, a hard-drinking, hard-smoking, bejeweled, and jilted housewife-slash-bombshell dominatrix who makes time to dust off her Grammys. Directed by Melina Matsoukas and someone called "Bee Z" (as in, Mrs. Jay-Z?), the video looks like a sixties home movie, camped up with winks at Bond, Valley of the Dolls, and a heavy dose of vintage pin-uppery. The ridiculously-gorgeous-woman-on-a-rampage vibe, however, is pure Bey. Why doesn't whomever she's talking to love her? It makes no sense!