Bret Easton Ellis Has Good Sense to Hate Entourage


In a long interview with Vice about his forthcoming novel, Imperial Bedrooms, a sequel to his debut novel Less Than Zero, Bret Easton Ellis expresses some of his dislikes. One dislike is HBO's Entourage: “[That show] drives me crazy,” Ellis says. “I remember liking Entourage five, six years ago. But after actually being around those sorts of people? It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting what’s being celebrated.” Other dislikes include Michael Chabon and the Jonathans Franzen and Lethem. “Everything else by those three is just, you know, I go, ‘Grrrrrr.’ What the hell is this?” To counterbalance all this dislike, Ellis does reveal that he really digs Jhumpa Lahiri. [Vice]