Cannes Roundup: A Lukewarm Reception for Robin Hood, Lindsay Lohan’s Porno Movie Finds a Distributor


• Russell Crowe's Robin Hood opened the festival and managed to escape un-booed, even though the movie makes villains of the French. But nobody really loved it, either. [Deadline, TOH/IndieWire, /Film]

• In fact, so far no movies seem to have critics wowed or upset. Matthew Almaric's burlesque movie Tournée was met with mostly shrugs, though everyone agrees it does feature plenty of nudity. [Hollywood Elsewhere, Movieline]

• Good news! Inferno, the Lindsay Lohan–starring Linda Lovelace biopic has found a distributor. London-based WestEnd Films will handle the movie internationally. [Total Film]

• And now the bad news: Poor Lohan has been unable to score a free vacation to Cannes: "She's been asking around, but hasn't [found anyone willing to pay for her trip]," says a source. [Page Six/NYP]

• Why did Bob Berney on Monday pull out of Apparition, the indie distributor he founded just last year? I have no answers for you, but lots of speculation. [TOH/IndieWire, Screen Daily]

• Jeffrey Wells reports that in France, public-bathroom stalls provide wooden hangers on which to hang your jacket while you do your business. Classy! [Hollywood Elsewhere]