Cannes Roundup: Mixed Reviews for Wall Street 2, Crappy Tweets for Nakata’s Chatroom

• Reviews are mixed for Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. The Hollywood Reporter calls it "one of the better sequels in a long time." Jeffrey Wells likes most of it, but says it fails to stick the landing. Some were less kind. [HR, Times UK, EW, Hollywood Elsewhere, Guardian UK, Showbiz 411, TOH/IndieWire, Awards Daily, Deep Focus]

Chatroom, the latest from Japanese horror master Hideo Nakata, is being raked over coals on Twitter this morning: "A disaster from nakata. Who thought that was a good idea?"; "What the f*ck did I just watch?! Chatroom was actually a British film that envisioned actual people in a room chatting. It was terrible!"; "Was just chatting with @DaveKarger and he goes one further: thinks "Chatroom" is one of the worst films he's ever seen. Good times!" [Twitter]

Robin Hood's Danny Huston says he's raising money to begin shooting a self-scripted movie adaptation of Kent Harrington’s 1997 book Day of the Dead. [Deadline]

• It was announced last night that Olivier Assayas’s three-part, five-hour Carlos the Jackal movie, Carlos (which screens at Cannes next week), will air on the Sundance Channel as a miniseries in October and be released by IFC in both its full version and an edited-down three-hour version. [IndieWire]