Captain America to Be Filmed in Communist London


Hugo Weaving is set to play the villain in the upcoming Captain America movie — but first, Marvel's formerly most patriotic superhero will conquer Los Angeles' below-the-line employees. Original plans had Captain America: The First Avenger shooting in California, where fewer and fewer blockbusters are being produced, and it would have been a boon to the local economy. Today, though, the studio announced the movie will instead begin filming in London this July, probably right on goddamn Independence Day. Reasoning for the switch includes a script set mostly in Europe and featuring a bunch of London scenes, and the usual tax-related reasons (California's incentive program currently excludes films budgeted at more than $75 million). The only way this could possibly be less American is if Joe Johnston directs via e-mail, Wes Anderson style, from a Paris chateau. [LAT]