CBS Cancels Six Shows, Including Christine


It's Bloody Tuesday at Black Rock: CBS today axed a half-dozen shows, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus's The New Adventures of Old Christine. Old Christine has been "on the bubble" virtually since it debuted, but it's always gotten last-minute pickups by CBS. Not today. Speculation will immediately turn to whether ABC will make good on past promises to order the show if it ever got killed by CBS. Also getting the heave-ho by the Eye: the Jay Mohr "comedy" Gary Unmarried, Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer, the long-running Cold Case, and first-year-shows-nobody-ever-cared-about Accidentally on Purpose and Miami Medical. [Update: and now there's speculation ABC might want The Ghost Whisperer too].

The deaths aren't completely shocking: With CBS's schedule getting older, the network needed to make room for new shows. It's also possible that the mass of cancellations could allow the network to order some extra mid-season shows to supplement the half-dozen comedies and dramas already ordered for next season.

On the bright side, CBS has reaffirmed its commitment to bringing you David Spade every single week, renewing his sitcom Rules of Engagement and Medium.