Christina Aguilera’s Latest Risque Song Poorly Timed


“WooHoo,” the latest track off Christina Aguilera’s upcoming album Bionic to see release, is a highly specific, most-gossamer-of-veils veiled ode to her sexuality. This is arguably the dumbest part: “All the boys think it's cake when they taste my (woo hoo) / you don’t even need a plate just your face, ha.” (Note: We would feel sheepish about repeating that turn of phrase if it weren’t for the fact that “WooHoo” will, presumably, be played on the radio.) We’re assuming Aguilera felt comfortable being so casually aggressive on the subject matter thanks to the presence of Nicki Minaj, here kicking in a patois-heavy verse, who built her reputation mostly on clever, near-theatrical outlandishness. Problem is, Nicki Minaj isn’t really rocking right now: Though we liked it, Nicki’s first official solo single “Massive Attack” has tempered the groundswell of buzz she was enjoying a month or so back. (Nicki’s own new single, “Your Love,” shouldn’t change things much.) If this had come out a few months back, Aguilera gets points for co-opting the hip-hop Internet’s current obsession; as it is, she needs a late pass. If Lady Gaga feels like rubbing it in, maybe she can get a Wiz Khalifa verse?