Comeback Alert: Hallie "Pepsi Girl" Eisenberg


Remember the little curly haired girl who starred in those hilarious Pepsi commercials from the late nineties? The ones where she’d go to a diner and forcibly demand a Pepsi in Aretha Franklin's and Joe Pesci’s voices and stuff? Well, her name is Hallie Eisenberg, and she’s back. Now 17, she’s co-starring in her older brother Jesse’s new indie movie Holy Rollers, out tomorrow, a fact-based drama about Hasidic teens in Brooklyn smuggling ecstasy. Eisenberg plays her brother’s onscreen little sister, Ruth Gold, and, as you can see from the clip below, she’s just barely recognizable from her days of soda-pitchwoman fame. The particularly astute pop-culture watcher may recall Eisenberg had a big-screen career back then, co-starring in stuff like Beautiful with Minnie Driver and Kathleen Turner, and Paulie with Tony Shalhoub and a parrot. The particularly obsessive pop-culture watcher may be aware that Eisenberg has continued to act regularly since, most notably in 2006’s How to Eat Fried Worms. But can Eisenberg break out with a valid post-Pepsi big-screen career? Just to make it an iota more difficult, we pasted the original commercial below as well.


Holy Rollers