Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Coming to New York


Following in the footsteps of Jack Bauer, Larry David is bringing Curb Your Enthusiasm’s upcoming eighth and possible last season to New York. Unlike 24, however, Curb will actually be filmed in the city: After Susie Essman let it slip, the Post confirmed with HBO that a “majority” of the ten episodes will be shot and set (well, presumably, unless the folks at HBO like to pay lots of money for unnecessary things) in New York. Production beings in July, but there’s no actual information as to why, how, and where. Says Essman, who claims she gets scene outlines ahead of time even though “none of the other actors get to see them”: "I have not seen any outlines. I just know we're shooting a bunch in New York. That makes me really happy." Well, this is certainly a more interesting plot detail than that time Larry promised an eighth season story arc involving his Prius.

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