Kindred: The Embraced Slighted, As the CW Opts to Re-Air Moonlight Instead


The CW will be re-airing episodes of a show CBS canceled back in 2008, because that show contains vampires. All sixteen episodes of Moonlight, starring The Back-Up Plan’s Alex O’Loughlin (soon to be of Hawaii Five-O), will be re-broadcast this summer after reruns of The Vampire Diaries. But if the CW is looking for vampire dramas to sate their vampire-besotted audience, we think they picked the wrong show. No, we're not pushing for Blade: The Series (even though it starred Sticky Fingaz!), but Fox's Kindred: The Embraced, which was canceled in 1996 after only eight episodes. Consider: It was a mix of “The Godfather and Melrose Place," starred Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford, Thomas C. Howell, and that chick from Army Wives, and, most important, was made by Aaron Spelling. CW, please look into this: You don't want to be caught sleeping on perfectly air-worthy vampire shows canceled for no good reason.

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