Doc Jensen Pinpoints Lost’s Most Burning Questions


As part of his preparation for tonight's Lost series finale (squee!), EW's Lost-aholic, Jeff Jensen, has been asking readers to send him the mysteries they hope to see answered before the show goes off the air. Then, in a highly scientific manner, he reviewed the questions and in his latest column reveals what they are. So, what are Lost fans dying to find out?

The No. 1 mystery people want answered is Walt. What's up with that guy? Fifteen percent of readers posed that question to the Doc who revealed this SPOILERY little nugget: "Lost exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof revealed that Walt will be appearing in the series finale." The following two most commonly wondered questions are "Why couldn't the pregnant women of the Others bring their children to term on The Island?" and "The Ajira 316 Time Travel Split: Why did Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley get sent back to 1977 while everyone else (including Ben and Sun) remained in the present?" All three are excellent questions, but we'd like to add one: Are they ever going to release Expose on DVD?

'Lost': 3 Burning Questions You Ned Answered!