Easy A Trailer: High-School Girl Pretends to Be Easy


The teaser trailer for Easy A, of Superbad’s Emma Stone unselfconsciously singing to herself, was winning: adorable, realistic, funny, enjoyable without giving away the plot. The full-length trailer for the high-school comedy does not pursue the same "less is more" approach, seeming to lay out the movie's every beat. Stone plays Olive, a mousy high-schooler who agrees to fake having very loud sex with her gay friend to bolster his reputation. Suddenly, every nerd in school is asking for the same service, the popular kids (led by Amanda Bynes) hate her, and she takes to wearing a scarlet “A” on her chest because she’s the kind of smart girl who thinks that The Scarlet Letter jokes are clever. Meanwhile Dan Humphrey (sans chest hair!) is loitering around trying to get to know the real her. Stone's a charmer and she's got Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci playing her parents, but if you watch the below, you’ve probably seen the movie, minus the parts when the popular dude, played by Cam Gigandet, hits on her, when her sluttishness is exposed as fake, and when Dan Humphrey forgives her anyway (After all, she really is adorable.)