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Friday Night Lights: How Each Episode Will Make You Feel

Seeing this man in red: disorienting.

Friday Night Lights begins its fourth season on NBC tonight, having already aired earlier this year on Direct TV. We’ve already seen it (each week we’ll be re-posting our recaps), and though we’re committed not to spoil it for the satelliteless, we think we can provide an important service: conveying how each episode will make you feel, so you don’t make the mistake of, say, planning to see a comedy show after watching an episode that requires ten boxes of Kleenex to get through. Feel free to mark your calendars.

Episode 1, "East of Dillon": Disoriented.
Episode 2, "After the Fall": Uplifted, but still fundamentally concerned.
Episode 3, "In the Skin of a Lion": Stressed.
Episode 4, "A Sort of Homecoming": Uplifted, but still fundamentally concerned.
Episode 5, "The Son": Depression, sadness, despair, leading to cathartic super-cry.
Episode 6, "Stay": Optimistic, then realistic about the fate of high-school love.
Episode 7, "In the Bag": Anxious.
Episode 8, "The Toilet Bowl": Wishing Tami Taylor were your mother.
Episode 9, "The Lights in Carroll Park": Uplifted, but still fundamentally concerned (about one character in particular).
Episode 10, "I Can't": Emotionally drained, wiped out, annihilated.
Episode 11, "Injury List": Frustrated, angry, overly involved
Episode 12. "Laboring": Just fundamentally concerned.
Episode 13, "Thanksgiving": Ecstatic, and then confused that you’re not more ecstatic.