Friday Night Lights: How Each Episode Will Make You Feel


Friday Night Lights begins its fourth season on NBC tonight, having already aired earlier this year on Direct TV. We’ve already seen it (each week we’ll be re-posting our recaps), and though we’re committed not to spoil it for the satelliteless, we think we can provide an important service: conveying how each episode will make you feel, so you don’t make the mistake of, say, planning to see a comedy show after watching an episode that requires ten boxes of Kleenex to get through. Feel free to mark your calendars.

Episode 1, "East of Dillon": Disoriented.
Episode 2, "After the Fall": Uplifted, but still fundamentally concerned.
Episode 3, "In the Skin of a Lion": Stressed.
Episode 4, "A Sort of Homecoming": Uplifted, but still fundamentally concerned.
Episode 5, "The Son": Depression, sadness, despair, leading to cathartic super-cry.
Episode 6, "Stay": Optimistic, then realistic about the fate of high-school love.
Episode 7, "In the Bag": Anxious.
Episode 8, "The Toilet Bowl": Wishing Tami Taylor were your mother.
Episode 9, "The Lights in Carroll Park": Uplifted, but still fundamentally concerned (about one character in particular).
Episode 10, "I Can't": Emotionally drained, wiped out, annihilated.
Episode 11, "Injury List": Frustrated, angry, overly involved
Episode 12. "Laboring": Just fundamentally concerned.
Episode 13, "Thanksgiving": Ecstatic, and then confused that you’re not more ecstatic.