The Fug Girls’ History of the Sword-and-Sandal Ab: From Spartacus to Jake Gyllenhaal


Hollywood's latest sword-and-sandal epic Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time opens Friday, and while the draw is ostensibly fancy action sequences and video-game tie-ins, there's a reason we and likely many others are privately referring to it as Not Without My Abs: The Jake Gyllenhaal Story. In fact, Jake's foray into shirtless beefcakery so overshadows the rest of the film that it inspired us to study all the sandaled studs who've come before, so we can appreciate it not just hedonistically, but also historically. Through the following intensive, exhaustive, courageous examination of the male torso, we've one vital conclusion: The loincloths may remain the same, but the abs, they are a-changin'.