Gene Simmons and His Codpiece Defense


Last November Gene Simmons appeared on SportsCenter. It's not really important why. What's important is that while he was in the ESPN studio in L.A., he hugged makeup artist Victoria Jackson. Big mistake. According to Jackson, it was more than a hug. She says Simmons "grinded" on her and now she wants money to make up for it. Jackson is threatening to sue Simmons if he doesn't pay her $185,000, according to the KISS bassist's lawyers. But Simmons isn't biting because he has an iron-clad defense:

According to a complaint filed in L.A. County Court, Simmons couldn't have "grinded" on her because he was wearing his KISS costume, which is basically "a suit of armor, particularly around his groin area, making it impossible for Simmons to have done the kind of grinding that Jackson claims to have experienced." Case closed.

Gene Simmons: I Can't Grind a Girl in Suit of Armor [TMZ]