Going the Distance Trailer: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Try to Make Things Work


Movies featuring real-life couples seem to hit one of two extremes: either they’re pleasant surprises (The Break-Up) or, well, Gigli-riffic. And after viewing the first trailer for this August’s Going the Distance, a Nanette Burstein romantic comedy about a long-distance relationship, which stars Drew Barrymore and her longtime, on-and-off boyfriend Justin Long, this one … seems like it could go either way! On the plus side, it’s got some top-notch supporting players (Christina Applegate, SNL’s Jason Sudeikis, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day), and Barrymore thankfully appears to have turned down her sanguine dial a bit. Working against it, though, is the couple’s vaguely irritating, (500) Days of Summer–esque banter (“What’s your favorite food?" "Tortellini." "How would you like to die?" "Eating too much tortellini"), not to mention jokes revolving around pubic hair, overzealous male-on-male hugging, and the trials of fake tanning.

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