Gucci Mane Got Out of Prison Very Early This Morning


And there’s video of it! The Atlanta rapper served six months of a one-year sentence for a probation violation — stemming from a 2005 arrest over the assault of a nightclub promoter — at Georgia’s Fulton County Jail and walked out this morning, with his chain and swagger on, to a polite gaggle of press, hangers-on, and buddies (your presence is much appreciated, Shawty Lo). Impressively calm, Gucci then read off a prepared statement thanking his legal team, his fans, and his labels Warner Bros. and Asylum; challenging “all artists to make the best music they ever made this summer”; shouting out Waka Flocka Flame; and rolling out clichéd but hopefully earnest declarations of change: “I am looking towards the future with a newfound respect and appreciation for the law and a strong dedication to my music and my career.” We guess Gucci’s back to working on becoming super famous; we’ll see how it goes. For now: The Appeal! Dropping this summer!

[Via MissInfo]