The House Finale, or How to Give the People What They Want


It’s only one day into TV-finale week and already, things are getting crazy. There was some serious high-absurdist melodrama over on Gossip Girl, and then there was House, which, on the first day of play, totally won the “Most Likely to Please Its Entire Audience” sweepstakes. (If you're curious, Lost is the heavy front-runner in the “Least Likely to Please Its Entire Audience” sweepstakes.) Spoilers and video after the jump.

The episode ended with long-term will-they-won’t-they couple House and Cuddy in a clinch, seeming like they might make a go of this whole relationship thing. Of course, skeptics will recall last season’s finale, in which House and Cuddy made the beast with two backs, until, psych! — that all turned out to be happening in House’s drug-addled mind. This time around, the smooch was real (House even asked, “How do I know I’m not hallucinating?”), and a House producer promised EW's Ausiello, “Absolutely. Yes ... They’re going to give it a try.” So, another one bites the dust, a bunch of Huddy 'shippers have a busy morning ahead of them recutting YouTube montages, and we can all look forward to reading some articles about Moonlighting in the fall.