James Franco Not Overly Concerned With the Fate of Spider-Man


James Franco’s not resting on his laurels. When we caught him earlier this week at the premiere of his behind-the-scenes look at SNL, Saturday Night, he acknowledged that the NYU Film Program project — which came about only after Franco convinced the notoriously documentary-shy Lorne Michaels to clear the shoot — was most likely a success on academic terms: “I actually don't know what I got on this thing,” he told us, “but I think if you make a film that actually runs in the system you probably get an A. Not to say that it isn't a rigorous program.” But his latest film — Danny Boyle’ 127 Hours, in which he plays Aron Ralston, the real-life hiker forced to amputate part of his arm to free it from under a boulder — has him thinking about new challenges: “Directing other actors has become, like, my new favorite thing,” he said. And as for his own acting in that movie? “To me, the fact that there is very little dialogue, and that I'd be isolated in a canyon for the majority of the film was an interesting challenge.” You know what's not interesting to him, however? The relaunch of the Spider-Man franchise. “I died,” he explained. “I don't care.”