Jamie Foxx Interviews T.I., Reminds Us He Can Pretty Much Do Anything


T.I. initially kept quiet after being sprung from the big house, but he’s recently ratcheted up the publicity push, granting interviews to Larry King, Funkmaster Flex, and even Access Hollywood. Oh, and Jamie Foxx, for some reason. That last one is definitely our favorite, though: After getting a staggeringly sycophantic introduction out of the way, Foxx — who collaborated with T.I. on the excellent “Live in the Sky” — falls into a nice rhythm with his old buddy, getting him to speak directly on the thought process behind the attempted purchase of weapons that got him locked up. “I just started collecting firearms,” says T.I., of the aftermath of the death of his friend Philant Johnson. “After I had an attempt made on my life and my homeboy died in my arms, I had to go back to his mom and his daughter, and those people were still at-large, and I was still getting threats … ” So, yeah, surprisingly, it’s a pretty good interview! Movie star, popular singer, and, now successful celebrity interviewer … man, that Jamie Foxx does it all.

Video: Jamie Foxx Interviews T.I. [Rap-Up]