Julie Taymor: Spider-Man Musical Opening in the Fall


Since the last time Julie Taymor promised her troubled musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, was still happening, we've seen shutdown threats from producers, ticket refunds, and the loss of Mary-Jane. So, what's the word now? "We’re doing it," Taymor told us last night at the Independent Filmmaker Project Spring Gala. "We’re going to be announcing very shortly because we’re doing our final casting. So I think once we get those contracts done, then we’ll make an announcement [of the] date. But I’m in it; we’re doing it. It’s happening. This fall." When exactly? "Late fall. Late fall, early winter." Got it! Also, thing we learned today: Julie Taymor is about as good at convincing people her crazy Spider-Man musical is actually happening as she is at making her crazy Spider-Man musical actually happen.