Last Night on Late Night: Betty White's Frisky Jay-Z Encounter


In the afterglow of her SNL debut, Betty White relays to Jay Leno the sordid details of her hands-on encounter with Jay-Z. "He just got desperate, I guess" the 88-year-old TV and Internet darling said. Traces of animosity remain in the air like volcano ash as Craig Ferguson cruelly but accurately imitates a certain late night host who recently forced out another certain late night host. Next, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show tackle a favorite subject of theirs, the merciless and open mocking of Glenn Beck. Lewis Black, in an inspired rant, notes Glenn Beck's fascination with Fascism, and Stephen Colbert reveals a tried and true method for passing the SATs in the style of the conservative pundit. Finally, in another installment of the slightly more friendly Robert Pattinson roast, Jimmy Fallon explores the deep existential meaning of misnomers and abbreviations. Watch our recap to see what you missed.