Last Night on Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Decodes Lost


Though the school year’s winding down for most students, last night’s late night entertainers were all about education, and had a distinctly pedagogical air. With only three episodes left of Lost, rumors and theories are flying left and right. And with all those leaks out there, it’s hard to discern which ones to believe, and which are as shaky as the Sideways time line. Worry not—Jimmy Kimmel has taken it upon himself to decode the vast transcendental meaning of the show. It is…NURBLOG2? Meanwhile, on The Late Show with David Letterman, Russell Crowe swings to give Letterman a lesson in Aussie linguistics. It has little to do with phonetics, and a lot to do with the local fauna. Then, fresh off his own parody of Glee, Jimmy Fallon learns the proper way to remove a slushie from Glee’s own Lea Michele. Finally, Colbert teaches the Nation of the heroics of the street artist who used his talent for good. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.