Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Combines Love of Show Tunes With National Disasters


One may call Jon Stewart any number of things — a newscaster, a political satirist, a fervid cynic of Glenn Beck — and now, a Broadway star! Stewart weighed in on the oil disaster in Louisiana last night, breaking into renditions of West Side Story favorites like “I Feel Gritty” and “Obama’s Katrina.” Meanwhile, in a speech somewhere between Braveheart and an odd marketing campaign for an M&M Statue of Liberty, Steven Colbert emoted solidarity with New Yorkers over the Times Square bomb threat (still, few seem too shaken over it). And though Leno, disappointingly, didn’t weigh in on Conan’s 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday, Letterman managed a few words. Finally, Morgan Freeman talks about penguin ranches with Craig Ferguson. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.