Last Night on Late Night: Mick Jagger Saves the World


An ever-escalating Lost fever is omnipresent these days on late-night shows, with all the stars making their rounds, creating more hype than the eminent (and ultimately disappointing) Y2K. But none as grandiose as Jimmy Fallon’s epic parody "Late," in which a certain British rock legend plays a neurotic Scotsman with an unnatural button obsession. On The Daily Show, Stewart points out the shoddy, used-car-salesman-like tactics the GOP uses. Then, no one seems to know that much about the mysterious new Supreme Court appointee Elena Kagan, but Steven Colbert seems to have a few theories. One of them being that she’s a little preoccupied with this kid. Finally, Craig Ferguson offers some friendly advice to new British Prime Minister David Cameron on what to do and what not to do when he’s formally introduced to the Queen.