Last Night on Late Night: Sarah Jessica Parker Has an Average Husband


While discussing her son's "diminutive" stature on The Late Show, Sarah Jessica Parker laid the blame on her husband, Matthew Broderick, explaining to David Letterman that, "Matthew is average." Ouch. Sounds like someone's going to need one of those pick-me-up bouquets. Next up on the Sex and the City 2 late-night promo blitz, famous Canadian Kim Cattrall explains to Jimmy Fallon how New York City made her into a normal person, and on The Late Late Show, Kristin Davis proves that she can tell a lot about Craig Ferguson just from examining certain parts of his body. Last but not least, Jimmy Kimmel bucks the evening's girl-power trend with Jake Gyllenhaal, who reveals that he is a huge star in Russia because of his role in the oddest Disney film featuring Zack Galifianakis ever made. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.