Law & Order: New York Really Canceled, L&O: L.A. Picked Up


NBC just issued a press release announcing that the flagship Law & Order has been, as previously reported, officially canceled. Creator Dick Wolf was not quoted in the press release, which suggests he's at least playing P.O.-ed, even though NBC insiders are confirming Vulture's previous report that NBC did offer to bring the show back, for a shortened, more cost-effective run and Wolf was the one who balked. Wolf will, nonetheless, remain in business with the peacock: NBC renewed Law & Order: SVU for another season, and picked up the new series LOLA, which is not about a showgirl at the Copacabana, but is Law & Order: Los Angeles. Industry insiders told Vulture they would not be surprised if some characters from the New York Law & Order appeared on early episodes of LOLA to give audiences some crossover closure, and answer the long-gestating question: What would Sam Waterston look like with a tan?

Update: Dick Wolf has issued a terse statement about the cancellation: "Never complain. Never explain."