Lost's Twitter Buzz Doesn't Match Oscars'


Just as the Lost series finale strangely only garnered about the same number of viewers as a run-of-the-mill Desperate Housewives finale, the much-anticipated episode also underperformed slightly in the Twitterverse, surprising considering the series’ obsessive online fan base. While the numbers are still impressive - there were 437,613 Lost-related tweets the night of the finale, significantly higher than the average of 27,000 tweets posted per show during the season - the series-ender's twitter chatter was tromped by that of other big events, like the Academy Awards, which saw about 780,000 Oscar-related tweets this past March. You know, we were thinking that church scene could have benefited from an uncomfortably long interpretative dance number.

The ‘Lost’ Finale, in Twitter Traffic [Bits/NYT]