M.I.A. Continues to Demonstrate Her Commitment to Making This Summer Interesting


M.I.A.'s new album, /\/\/\Y/\, isn't out until July 13, but in the run-up to the record's release, the singer has already provided us with more bananas pull quotes than most pop stars produce in their entire careers. Besides naming her album the aforementioned chicken scratch, she has ragged on Bieber, ragged on Gaga, and gotten a ginger kid fake shot in the head. Now in a new interview with Nylon, she is spreading the word about the dangers of the Internet: "Google and Facebook were developed by the CIA, and when you’re on there, you have to know that.” While we are psyched to learn that the CIA is this competent, we are even more jazzed by the the news that M.I.A. spent her teenage years hanging out with Tupac. "I was always going out to L.A. because my cousin lived there, and she knew all the Bloods and Crips," she says. "So I was hanging out with her, having crazy times, and then I’d come back and be like, ‘I hung out with Tupac last week!’ and nobody knew who he was!” Please, M.I.A.: Keep 'em coming. The summer will be dull without you.

Riot Girl M.I.A. [Nylon]