M.I.A. Posts Song, Audio Clips in Response to Hirschberg Profile


Tweeting Lynne Hirschberg’s phone number was apparently just the beginning. M.I.A. has now found a more creative way to channel her anger at the controversial, Hirschberg-penned Times Magazine profile, posting a song on her blog today called “I’m a Singer,” which includes lyrics like “Why the hell would journalists be thick as shit / Cause lies equals power equals politics” and “You're a racist / I wouldn't trust you one bit.” The refrain is a bit less specific, though just as charged: “I’m a singer / Never said anything else / I didn’t lie to you / Thinking of somebody else.”

We're hoping Hirschberg fires back with a dis track of her own ... maybe with a Lady Gaga verse?

In addition to the track, M.I.A. posted two purported audio clips from the interview, one of which — titled “Here’s the TRUFF” — proves (assuming it’s real) that Hirschberg was in fact the one responsible for ordering the infamous truffle fries, the subject of the piece’s most scathing line ("'I kind of want to be an outsider,' she said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry").

[N.E.E.T Recordings via Sound of the City/Village Voice]