M.I.A. Still Has Nothing on Courtney Love When It Comes to Hating Lynn Hirschberg


As noted earlier this morning, M.I.A. tweeted the New York Times' Lynn Hirschberg's phone number, by way of saying not-so-much-thanks for Hirschberg's recent takedown of the singer. But if M.I.A hopes to be the pop star who hates Lynn Hirschberg the most, she has her work cut out for her! We take this occasion to remind you of Hirschberg's 1992 Vanity Fair profile of Love, the one that quoted the Hole front woman saying she had gone on a heroin binge while pregnant. In response to this piece, Love (1) left messages on Hirschberg's machine calling her a cunt, (2) released a bootleg song called "Bring Me the Head of Lynn Hirschberg," and (3) tried to bludgeon Hirschberg with Quentin Tarantino's Academy Award at a 1995 Oscar party. Really puts that tweet in perspective.