MTV, the CW for Boys?


The full season ratings of every show on television were just released and, per usual, the CW was holding up the rear: Its most watched show, America’s Next Top Model, was 82nd with viewers 18 to 49, and ten of its shows landed in the bottom fifteen slots (slots 110 to 114). Despite this, MTV continues to pick up original series that sound like they could air on the CW, if the CW was a little edgier and boy-centric. Today, MTV ordered a U.S. version of the British series The Inbetweeners, about four high-school boys who are neither cool kids nor losers, described as "Superbad meets Freeks and Geeks, [it] takes a realistic look at life in high school, often glamorized on shows like The O.C. and Beverly Hills 90210." It also has three other young-adult, scripted series in the works: One, the teen with a big penis comedy The Hard Times of RJ Berger, starts next week. Two others, an adaptation of the British teen series Skins and a TV version of Teen Wolf were recently announced. Clearly, MTV still is not interested in being a place for music, but would like to be a place for more than just the Jersey Shore, by maybe being a place young guys who don't want to watch The Vampire Diaries might channel surf to.

MTV Picks Up U.S. Version of 'The Inbetweeners' [Deadline]