MTV’s New Show About a Well-Hung Kid Reminds Us of Something


Next week, MTV starts airing The Hard Times of RJ Berger, its scripted series about an incredibly well-hung, formerly nerdy teenage boy. If this plot sounds familiar, it is! And not just because of Boogie Nights and Hung. Nope, Upright Citizens Brigade has also explored the debateably fertile comic territory of underage citizens with big wangs in its sketches about Little Donny, a boy with “an enormous penis of which he’s unaware.” Check out Amy Poehler and co.'s mockumentary about Little Donny's condition, as well as a performance of a “We are the World”–style anthem in his honor. Then revel in the fact that we live in a world where, on more than one occasion, professionally funny people sat around and said, "Hey! You know what's hilarious? A kid with a big dick!" and then made that hilarity into something for all of us to share.