The YouTube Generation: Fourteen Music-Video Directors to Watch


In the magazine this week, Logan Hill breaks down the return of the music video, writing, "Without MTV, the record labels — already terrified of downloading — eliminated videos almost entirely, focusing instead on video-game soundtracks, ringtones, and licensing. Up-and-coming bands’ best hope was landing a spot on an iPod ad. And MTV’s star directors had mostly moved to ad work or film ... But then a funny thing happened: In the last couple of years, music videos came back. 'It’s a little bit like the evolution of a species,' says Michel Gondry. 'Videos found a new niche that’s habitable for them: the Internet.'" Now, meet some of the folks who have led the charge — a motley crew of art-school grads, fiery documentarians, and absurdist comedians — for the resuscitated medium.

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