Must-See TV: P. Diddy on Inside the Actors Studio


Yes, the TV season is winding down, but, real talk — no, really, real talk — Bravo has been saving the best for last. Tonight’s episode of Inside the Actors Studio, the oft-mocked, once venerable interview series hosted by the stratospherically sycophantic James Lipton, will feature none other than Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. As the below clip indicates, Diddy is not afraid of bragging: Apparently, he improvised every scene in his new film, Get Him to the Greek, and, on this movie, “finally had that breakthrough that I pray that you guys one day have.” Diddy, egged on by James Lipton's super-obsequiousness, could, quite possibly, create the most self-congratulatory hour of television we've ever seen that does not involve James Cameron at an awards show. Increasing this likelihood is the studio audience, a member of which (who may be Diddy's mom!), is looking at him with a face we can only describe as the encyclopedic definition of 110 percent, absolute, total, complete faith and adoration. If someone looked at you like this, not only would you brag, you would think you could fly. Set your DVRs; we’ll break it all down tomorrow.