Nice Try, Sky News Reporter Trying to Make Sex and the City 2 Sound Racist


All the bad reviews in the world can't quell Sex and the City 2 mania, so it’s not surprising that Sky News’ Hannah Stott, in a quest for uncovered angles, has gone down a tenuous new path: Is Sex and the City 2, she asks today, racist? She’s not very convincing about it. According to Stott, “Scenes in which the Manhattan socialites encounter misogynist attitudes from Middle Eastern men and make jokes about women wearing the niqab — a Muslim face veil — when they take a road trip in Abu Dhabi, have caused quite a stir among film critics.” Have they? Where? Then she makes poor Michael Patrick King respond to the “charges.” He answers, sensibly: “To me it's not a political movie. It's an escapist comedy, but of course Samantha Jones in the Middle East puts a smile on my face only because she's inappropriate wherever she goes. It has nothing to do with the culture of the Middle East she insults — she insults people in New York!" Clearly, Stott’s missing the point: Sure, SATC2 is offensive, but only because it’s beating a once proud cultural entity into the ground, not because it’s racist.

Film-Makers Deny Sex And The City Racism [Sky News via NYP]