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celebrity do-gooders

Now Boycotting Arizona: Sonic Youth, Rage Against the Machine, Conor Oberst ...

In response to Arizona's new immigration law, Rage Against the Machine's Zach de la Rocha has organized a musician's boycott of the state that includes Sonic Youth, Conor Oberst, Cypress Hill, Kanye West, Spank Rock, Tenacious D, Massive Attack, Calle 13, and a bunch more acts. In a statement on the new Sound Strike website, de la Rocha writes: "Some of us grew up dealing with racial profiling, but this law (SB 1070) takes it to a whole new low. If other states follow the direction of the Arizona government, we could be headed towards a pre–civil rights era reality." Zach de la Rocha: more like Shakira now than ever before. [SoundStrike via Billboard]