Oscar’s Visual Effects Branch Asks for Two More Nominations


Do you remember how sad you were in February when you found out Transformers 2, G-Force, and G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra would be denied their rightful chance to lose the Best Visual Effects Oscar to Avatar because the category only allows for three measly nominees? Well maybe no more! The Academy's VFX branch has voted in favor of expanding the race to five slots, which would bring it line with pretty much every other category. Proponents of the switch — which still must be approved by the Academy's Awards Rules Committee and the Board of Governors — say it would get more blockbusters into the telecast. Those opposed worry the outloud reading of two additional movie titles will add unnecessary seconds to the already interminable Oscar ceremony. But if this change means the poor mom of the guy who made Marmaduke talk can proudly attend next year's Academy Awards, we are willing to do without one of the dance numbers.

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