P. Diddy and James Lipton Rap Together


We just knew P. Diddy’s appearance on Inside the Actors Studio wouldn’t disappoint! When not explaining how he improvised the entirety of his part in Get Him to the Greek, Diddy agreed to provide the unembarrassable, yet infinitely embarrassing James Lipton with a beat, so the host could perform a “rap.” Someone should probably explain to Lipton that reading rhyming words out loud, very, very slowly, is not “rapping,” but Diddy gamely played human beat box nonetheless — until Lipton’s rhythm proved too slow and he had to go a cappella. Obsequious lyrics included, “Never gonna falter/never gonna stop/running my lip with my own hip-hop/Maybe with this nifty shifty ploy/maybe I’ll be the next Sean Combs bad boy.” After this highlight, Lipton requested that Diddy consider “busting a move." Diddy complied, doing a minor rendition of his “I’ll Be Missing You” dance to the strains of "I Need a Girl.” We are now eagerly anticipating the Ice Cube episode, in which Lipton and Cube trade verses of “Straight Outta Compton.”